Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Through the warmth of sunshine or the coolness of snow...

I confess to each of you, Easter just wasn't the same this year. Two things were missing - Grandma (who we have always celebrated Easter with) and the warmth of spring!

OK, I thought our move would be more simplier than it has been. There are so many things that just haven't been easy, but we have persevered and gotten through our challenging times...thankfully God is with us no matter where we live! However, these past couple of Easters have become depressing for me. And it wasn't until this year's celebration that I realized why - and it wasn't until this year I realized how deep my California roots are. In California no matter when Easter falls, the sun is always out, flowers are peaking through the tended ground and spring dresses with bonnets were always pleasing to my eyes. The weather and flowers have always been a reminder of the newness Easter is.

This is our second year here in Colorado and our second year with snow. Yes, I do enjoy watching the quietness fall to the ground and see the blanket of sparkling white cover the earth. But for Easter? And where we live, as quickly as the snow comes, the snow leaves. And what does it leave? The brown, dried earth...and we still remain waiting for the first signs of spring. It's just not what I am used to, and it will take time to get used to. Augh, but on the flip side, with the weather the way it is, brings us a saving! You see it is just too cold for Easter dresses! And stocking hats will have to replace spring bonnets!

One of our Easter traditions is opening our Resurrection Eggs (a dozen plastic eggs that are filled with symbols to remind us of different events leading up to the original Easter day), we read a story that goes along with the eggs, as we also read scripture. We enjoyed sharing this time with Grandpa this year. Each year the same story is revealed, and yet each year I am more impacted then the previous. I used to believe I would never put Jesus up on the cross, and then I have realized - it is my sinful nature, my selfishness and my unkind thoughts amongst so much more of who I am that has. I thought I would never deny Christ, as Peter did. But I have. I have denied him in different areas of my life and have even believed He wasn't capable to handle some of the things that weigh me down. And then I ponder Jesus more I find what marvels me the most is the hope we find each year.

The Thursday before Easter we celebrate the last supper with sadness, for we know what Good Friday brings. Each of my girls have asked over the years, why is it called Good Friday? As sad as it is, our Savior, our Father and our Friend was willing to be nailed to the cross. He was willing to die so we can have a place by God's side, so we can live in God's house - Jesus did a good thing, even though we are so saddened by it, even though it was us that put Him there. It is hard to fathem it being "good", but yet it is hard to fathem the depth of His love He has for each of us.
Three days later we celebrate Jesus...for we find He is alive! We find that all that He has promised has come true. And we do find so much hope. Each year I'm reminded of the Hope Jesus is, but it is something that I find is still hard to comprehend. I continue to hold onto His hope...and through snow or sunshine, His love remains the same and I am so thankful He was not only willing to make such a sacrifice so I can live, but that He remains alive today and stays with me each and everyday. I hope Easter never comes a time of traditions and "we have always done it that way" but that it remains a time of excitement and renewal.

Duane lead us in our Easter morning prayer. In his prayer he thanked God for the snow, for it was a reminder of how Jesus came down to us making our lives pure as snow. I am so thankful for the Godly husband I have who gives me a new perspective of how to look past the way it has always been.

Celebrating Ugandan style!

Happy Easter!!!

May you experience the hope in Christ!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting ready for Elijah

You know if God would have given us a girl things could be a bit easier. Pink, dolls and frilly dresses outline our home. However God thought He would spice things up in our lives and bless us with a son. We all look forward to Elijah's arrival in our own unique ways. And we have been doing small things to get ready for that big event -
  • collecting *Disney's Cars for him to have some cars to play with

  • purchased a train set and table for his room

  • reorganizing the girls rooms to get ready for their brother. (Lindsay and Katie will be sharing a room and the bathroom) We will be purchasing a corner unit bed for the girls.

  • painting Elijah's room and Grandpa will hang the border

  • starting to collect some clothing (not purchasing much since we aren't sure of his size and from what I have heard from other adopted parents they usually sprout up quickly once they are home and receive a proper diet.)

Like I said we are all anxious for Elijah's arrival. Lindsay looks forward to take him to school and show him off (show and tell?), Katie thinks Elijah is going to be eternally grateful for bringing him out of the pits that he'll demonstrate his gratitude continually, and Courtney looks forward to play with him . In spite of Duane and my warnings that Elijah will be a little boy, will be human like all of us with a sinful nature, and will want to touch everything...including their most precious possessions, but the girls continue to deny it will be anyway we describe. You know...parent's are wrong until you prove them otherwise! :)

(I'll keep you posted when the "honeymoon" phase of Elijah's arrival is over.)

Why we haven't posted...

I can't believe it is March already! With March brings Easter break and behind Easter break will be the end of school before we know it.

I haven't written in a long time. I'm sorry for that. But I wonder as to what to write, and then wonder if anyone even reads this?

We have had a full couple of months. We celebrate and mourn the loss of my mother-in-law. It holds true that you don't know how much someone means to you until they are gone. Even though her death was January 5th we continue to miss her, and continue to deal with this great loss. With our girls it has been the hardest. They were so close to their grandma, and loved her greatly. Every now and then anger takes hold of the household, and we have had several "unloving" moments, and as we draw out what is taking root in the girl's hearts we find the pain of their loss as well as fear of death grabbing hold. Duane and I cry with them, and help them through this the best we know how, but we will be seeking professional help to help us with the girls. My heart aches for our girls. We all look forward to Grandpa coming in 1 1/2 weeks. However I always enjoyed the times Grandma and I could talk, while Duane and Grandpa shared amongst themselves, so I think it will be a hard visit for the girls and I too.

Oh, we miss you Grandma!
Funny story that turned our lives upside down -
Our timid cat (Tigger) was playing in a grocery plastic bag. The handle of the bag got caught around Tigger's body, and where ever the cat went so did the bag. Thus our timid cat became our scaredy cat! She took off through the house, constantly trying to outrun the bag. The cat was hitting the walls, and attacking the furniture. I yelled that we had to catch the cat and rescue it from it's fear that literally gripped the cat. Lindsay caught the cat, but because it was so scared the cat bit down on Lindsay's hand - and bit hard.

Knowing we should take all bites seriously we took Lindsay to the doctor where they cleaned the wound and put her on anti-biotics as a precaution. We came home laughing about the incident.

The next day at school Lindsay's hand ached even more and when I picked her up her hand had quadrupled in size. After a quick call to the doctor, we were directed to go to the emergency room. Lindsay received an IV of anti-biotics, stronger anti-biotics for at home, a soft cast and we watched her the rest of the week and continued to wonder with the doctors if surgery was necessary. We rejoiced with Lindsay when the week came to an end with no surgery, and rejoiced again when our cat was officially off "quarantine" a week later.

Lindsay loves junior high at our church. Loves it! Lindsay is also aware that because we have endured a lot of extra expenses this year, money wasn't really available for extra things. So with her sensitivity she didn't hassle us to attend "the event" of the year...the ski trip/retreat the junior high take each year. Being that Lindsay is in 8th grade, this would be her last opportunity with the junior high. Lindsay was surprised and extremely delighted when Daddy signed her up.

We had explained to her parent lecture #3 - Responsibility and #2 - Respect. We cautioned her to use common sense - to bundle up from the cold, wash hands and such to prevent any sort of illness for she couldn't afford to miss any more days of school (she had missed days of school because of Grandma's death and the cat bit incident. Colorado has a law that you can not miss more than 15 days in a semester, and our school brought it down to 12 days. She only had a few left which we wanted to hold onto for we never know what illness will run through the school before the last day.) Duane told Lindsay she was not to take her bathing suit (for the junior highers like to run through the snow and head to the hot tub -which I've heard is more of a science experiment because of all the mold and filth that is growing in it) Not taking her bathing suit would eliminate any temptation of making the wrong choice and again, we wanted to encourage her to do what she could to prevent any reason to miss school - thus showing respect. This was also the first adventure Lindsay went on without the help of her parents on the trip. I was letting my baby go, but knew God was her ultimate parent. We sent Lindsay with our "have fun" wishes, vitamins and "please use some common sense".

Lindsay returned home with a concussion. On that last run down the slope, she went a bit too fast on her snowboard and had a stumble down the hill and fell head over heals. I am so thankful and so proud she made the choice to use a helment! She missed more days of school and is now finishing making work up. Thanks to acupuncture and chiropractic care Lindsay is on the mends. I am thankful that God continued to watch out for her, and continues to.

So I hope you all understand the lake of posting! :)

Many of you have asked where are we with Elijah. We are in the waiting stages. There has been some turmoil in Liberia, which has put some bumps in the road. But we remain confident that our God and Savior is in control. It remains His battle, not ours. However as of last week, we hope to have a court date in the next couple of months - and then our son will be home!