Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Sunday, November 9, 2008


You know that word...the word we frequently ask for and the word we frequently identify ourselves with none. Patience. I have heard so many times "be careful of what you ask for"...meaning, you ask for it you will be sent through fire to obtain it.

Our study this week reminded us how patience holds onto hope how God will prevail in every situation. God will prevail and we can stand in the hope of that! We also are reminded how we must not judge others, how we have to forgive, have patience through situations, and offer mercy for one another. I can't help but see that in order to have this fruit we must have the fruit of love. I don't think you could have patience without love.

I have to share how God has taught me patience. I don't always have it, but I know that I can fall on my knees and receive it. I have done that so much during this adoption journey.

I reached another dry spell. You see, I have always known God gave me a heart of compassion, specifically for orphans and the elderly. I also know where our financial state is. We haven't been the greatest in that area, at least we aren't where we could be. So this last weekend I chose to believe the lie of the enemy who said "see, God can't even use you in the area he wanted to because of your mess-ups." I even questioned if it was because of my mess-ups that Elijah isn't here yet. I knew the spiral I was in so I came to God, I repented, confessed, and then stated "God, whatever brings you the most glory. If Elijah needs to come next week, or in ten years, whatever brings you the most glory." After praying I felt release. And then I saw God move.

I received a call from our agency, the next day. Part of the protocol in this process is the birth mother has to come in, interview to make sure everything is on the up and up (that our agency hasn't bribed her in any way). Elijah's mother came in, and brought something with her. Elijah's baby sister! The call was to prepare us, and to pray what we should do. I called Duane immediately. As I was telling him the events that have unfolded, I felt God pouring Himself on me. I had to stop the conversation and receive Him. You see I was so dry, and He was filling me. He also said "don't ever think I can't use you because of your mistakes. I am God. I have a plan and am victorious". So I am excited now of not only Elijah coming into our lives, but now a one year too, but I am even more excited of how God is using me for His kingdom, and still able to use me for His glory. I am humbled, blessed and loved.

I also have a new part-time/temporary job! I get to work with the elderly who are shut-ins. The heart that God gave me is being manifested this week.

How does this relate to patience? You see, we have had to do nothing but wait for Elijah. I thought we saw all the cards we were dealt. I remembered the dream that started this all, and it clearly said to "choose one". But we still had to wait. We had to wait so we could see this last card that needed to be dealt - Elijah's sister. Whatever brings God the most glory! We have had to be patient, and seek it during the times that were hard to wait, all because God wants to doubly bless us. And as I remember, Duane and I have heard so many times that this is more than Elijah...we just didn't know what that exactly meant.

So as I learned in my study, we need to hold onto hope God will prevail in all circumstances. We continue to hold onto that hope as this story continues. God is good. God is good.

Oh, and how do I know this is God speaking? Because I do! However, for those who may need a bit of convincing. My favorite name in the Bible is Ruth. I love the story and the character. We were just talking about girls names this week, and I mentioned the name once again. Elijah's sister's name is Ruth. God is good!

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,
who have been called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Our Baby Girl, Ruth!

Friday, November 7, 2008

New pictures of Elijah...

We were very blessed to receive many pictures of Elijah. A mother who was adopting went on her own instead of with a group. So she stayed at the orphanage. We were able to see more of an inside peek of our little boy.
Elijah playing...

Apparently a common site...
one shoe on, and one shoe off :)
Receiving his presents...
Taking a little nap...
And what pleases me to see.
Elijah sitting in the middle and playing with the girls.
I hope he understands, this is going to be his life!