Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Birthday

We never thought that a little over two years ago when we found this little boy we would be celebrating his 5th birthday without him. However, we are so grateful to the One who has remained faithful by continued protection, care, love and provision throughout this journey. We celebrate another year older, and our God who is!

We have had news this past couple of weeks, but we were hesitant in sharing. We know there are people who watch our story and don't understand the ups and downs that come with the road we are on (which is simply part of this territory). Our story isn't about us. Our story isn't even about Elijah or Ruth. Our story is about the God who is the author of it, and it is He that we want to keep our eyes focused upon.

There has been much chatter that the Liberian government is releasing those children that had court decrees before January 2009. Elijah falls into this catagory! We are very excited about the news, but it doesn't stop us praying. We need prayers now more than ever. We are also praying for God's favor that Ruthie can be "added on" to all the documents so she too can come home with her brother.
So with this post we wish our son a very Happy Birthday and may his and our wish of him coming home, be sooner than later! We love you, Elijah!

Another Teenager in the House!

That's right, we have another teenager...and all the emotions with it! Another teenager just puts me further on my knees.

Katie turned 13 on September 30th. The weekend before we celebrated by having a surprise birthday party...and she was surprised! We find that we are in such a instant gratification society that there are things we put ages on just so some things are that much more special. So in our house, when 13 comes so does ....
Happy 13th Birthday Katie!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thankful for a visit that brought healing....

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted last! So much has been going on, and there is so much to share. Our life remains full of school activities, church and just plain life. Juggling the five of our schedules is a full time job in itself.

Since I posted, I celebrated my mile-stone I'm still in denial about, but was surprised when I awoke and felt "normal" as any other day! It was an amazing thing! Our family kept my celebration quiet and simple. As I opened my cards from the girls, tears began flowing for they each recognized my role in their spiritual walk. I hadn't a clue that I was able to help them in ways I hadn't realized, but felt God's hand upon me as I read each note. Duane's gift took me by surprise. Duane realized how much I have missed my friend, he has observed that when we do get a chance to talk, we talk for 1 1/2 hrs or until the battery dies...which ever comes first. He knows the heart we share. He knows how hard it was to leave California leaving her behind. He also knows that the grief we both share over the loss of her daughter not only has been heavy in our hearts, but also another thing that has kept us apart. So his gift for me was great...sending her out to visit. What I don't think he knew was how much healing was going to take place in four days.

Janette, my friend came to visit. We had the ultimate sleepover for four nights...hardly any sleep, so much talking, some eating and much more talking...tears and laughter were shared. I anticipated her visit to be one of healing, and now I am so thankful we had that time. This was our first visit that it would only be the three of us...Janette, me and Lindsay; it had always been the four of us...Janette, me, Rachel and Lindsay. Since Rachel has left to be with our Maker she took so much of our hearts and we simply miss her so much. But our friends here in Colorado, just haven't been able to comprehend our loss. You see they think they have seen all of me and Lindsay, but in reality they hadn't because Janette and Rachel are so much apart of who we are, that they haven't seen the complete picture. We were finally able to reminisce, to tell stories, and just simply let our hearts go. Rachel came back alive as we continued to reminisce, and though we shared so many tears, healing came as each tear flowed.

One of the memories we share with Janette and Rachel is hosting the children from the Children of the World Choir when the school would bring them in for a concert each year. It was Rachel's desire and inspiration that drove her family to host some children in her home, welcoming them into their lives and sharing not only her home but her heart. This is one of the ways she demonstrated Matthew 28: 19-20; going out into the world and shared Christ by being the child of God she was. So in memory of Rachel we brought the Watoto Children's Choir to Resurrection Christian School. No one knew why we did what we did, but we knew having a choir there would bring healing to Lindsay, to me and would very much please Rachel. We hoped that the school would enjoy it as well...and to our amazement they did. So please enjoy this snippet of our gift to Rachel...

And true to form we had the privilege to host six Ugandans in our home. We celebrated their culture as we shared ours, and became family as God is the Father of us all. We also celebrated Katie's birthday that evening. What a memory it was for her too!
He is the healer of the broken hearted, our comforter and encourager ... it is He why we are so thankful.