Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Monday, July 28, 2008

How Much Does God Love Us?

This skit/play was demonstrated in our church by the outgoing senior class at the end of the last school year. They learned it so they could share it on their mission trip to Belize. It moved me and so many - there wasn't a dry eye and we all lifted our praises to our God. I have tried to post the video so many times on our blog, and just couldn't so please hit the link and take the time to watch. matter what comes into our lives God still loves you and has already won the victory!

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this blog and stop the music before watching the video.

Monday, July 21, 2008

You Are All Invited!

Everyone is welcome...and those who live in Colorado are strongly encouraged!

A Formal Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction for the Orphanage Project in Liberia

Saturday August 9th, 2008
$25 per person
Tickets available now!
Email to order tickets

Knights of Columbus Hall in Fort Collins, CO
121 N Meldrum St, Fort Collins, CO 80521

5:30pm cocktails/hors d'oeuvres and start silent auction
6:00pm dinner starts
6:45pm slide show about project
7:00pm start live auction and end silent auction
Inspirational Talk by
Tom Davis, author of Red Letters, CEO Children's Hope Chest
Live Music courtesy of Donovan Lorenzen and Whistlers Chair Company
9:00pm evening ends

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Hike Day...

What a better way to celebrate the goodness of God but in His creation! And that is what we did. This time Daddy went with us. We hiked 8 miles today, and saw more hidden lakes. Hiking has always been Duane's, and now is becoming all of our favorite pastime.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Snow in July???

Well, not exactly. We have finally hit our summer temperatures of the 90's so it isn't snowing, but when you climb to above 11,000 ft in the Rocky Mountains you will find it! The girls were so hot from our hike they decided to roll around in it. We had a fabulous day, and one that has now become a treasured memory.

The girls at our first overlook before we went into the canyon.

Where we hiked to - one of the lakes that is hidden in the Rockies and only able to see by foot.

Lindsay laying in the snow.Katie rolling around in the snow.
Courtney just sitting in it.
And proof I was there! :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


When will he be here? If I had a quarter for every time that question is asked, it would pay for the adoption. There are so many obstacles in Elijah's way. Prayer is needed still, so please continue to lift us up. But I do have to share, all the time we are getting asked this question we are in turn asking and pleading to God. And last week God gave us our answer...

I will stand like a guard to watch and place myself at the tower.
I will wait to see what he will say to me;
I will wait to learn how God will answer my complaint.
The Lord answered me:
"Write down the vision;
write it clearly on clay tablets so whoever reads it can run to tell others.
It is not yet time for the message to come true,
but that time is coming soon;
the message will come true.
It may seem like a long time,
but be patient and wait for it,
because it will surely come;
it will not be delayed."
Habakkuk 2 1-3

Zoo Day

Anyone who knows the Archibalds knows we all enjoy going to the zoo...yes, still! We enjoy walking in the outdoors and what a better place to experience what a creative God we have! We went to a new zoo down in Colorado Springs ...what a beautiful setting for a zoo!

And we were able to get up close & personal with the giraffes. Katie says "there tongue goes on forever and ever!"

We all fell in love with the baby wallabee (only four months old).

The girls in front of the grizzley bears playing in the water. It was a great family day!

Summer is Finally Here!

Being that the first couple of weeks the girls were off of school I was thoroughly doing some "spring cleaning", and then Lindsay & I made a quick trip back to California for a couple graduations it hasn't "felt" like summer. But last week we packed up and headed to our 2nd annual Family Camp. And had a blast...we just wished Elijah was there to be with us.

The girl's favorite was the boating...

And you can see the lake sits in this beautiful setting.

Duane and Courtney enjoyed some fishing - Courtney caught 1, Duane caught zero...but the time together - priceless!

A little pee-wee golf...Mommy with a hole in one!

And we can't forget about the horseback riding!

But the zip line is always a highlight. However Mommy will NOT be shown up by these I went upside down! (But I had the not seen. Courtney is on the left. Katie is on the right.)

And the High Ropes course still remains to be a challenge...yet I was pleased it was less scary this year (except Courtney would say otherwise). Yes Mom...that's me in that tree! :)

So as you can see...a great time experienced by all!