Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Monday, July 19, 2010

Freely you have received, freely give.

There are times God lays things on my heart.  I love to give; whether it being gifts, words of encouragement or even just time.  However, the financial strain we have been has allowed Satan to come in and plant lies that I don't get to be part of God, because we can't afford it.

All I have to say is "HA!!!" as I have stomped on that devil's lie!!!

God has taken me on an adventure the past few weeks, and has shown me that the giving He has laid in my heart is from Him and has shown me exactly how to do it.

He gave me water to give a "cardboard traveler" in the hundred degree heat.

He gave me promptings to give financially to the missionaries, and a promise He will take care of the rest.

He gave me a heart to start serving at our church in a few different areas.

He continues to allow us to provide for the children we sponsor each month, and we get the joy of sharing our lives with them as we hear about their lives in another country.

He has given me relationships to pour into.

And for the past few months he has put two things on my heart, perhaps because it hits so closely to home.  One of the things I have been doing once every month - that is donating platelets at Children's Hospital for the children their who are going through chemo.  I get an opportunity during the two hour ordeal to pray over those platelets that leave my arm and get ready for someone else.  That God will lift their burden and free them from their illness, that peace will flow through their veins and they will know the presence of God. 

Today, I get to finally do that last thing He laid on my heart ....

donate my heart to Locks of Love!!!

Today I pray that once my hair is used for a hairpiece for someone who is battling a disease that is robbing them of their confidence and such that once the hair is placed on their head...God will use it and heal them, lift all financial strain and pour life into theirs. 

God is good and has allowed me to be blessed in the all the giving.  I pray for this adventure to continue.

Don't miss out, search God and find what He lays on your heart.  Through Him He can do great things!!!

For those of you who would like to know more about giving platelets or donating your hair, please see the attached links, and please share your testimony!
No man should come before the Lord without a gift.  Each of you must bring a gift that will show how much the Lord your God has blessed you.
Deuteronomy 16:16b-17

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What I Miss...

I miss the way you hold on to me as you call me "Mama".

I miss your smile and the way you laugh.

I miss holding you.

I miss you being my constant shadow.

I miss reading to you.

I miss taking care of you.

I miss watching you play with your cars and holding your doll.

I miss seeing you.

I miss watching you on your Daddy's shoulders and him giving you "horse rides".

I miss seeing you read the Bible with your Daddy.

I miss how quick you talk, and me trying to catch every word you say.

I miss hearing you sing "Yes, Lord, Yes Lord, Yes, yes, Lord!".

I miss hearing you sing with confidence knowing your Heavenly Father hears you.

I miss you pushing others away from me, so you may have me all to yourself.

I miss even your pout and crying to get your way.

I miss watching you as you talk to your Papa, and looking for him to come and get you.

I miss your call in the early morning hours.

I miss watching you learn your letters and how to write them, using your left hand.

I miss tucking you in bed at night.

I miss the sound of your breathing.

I miss seeing you in your room, across from ours.

I miss knowing you are fed and taken care of when you aren't feeling well.

I miss watching you run after your friends or carried by the older girls.

I miss playing with you.

I miss seeing you in our family pictures.

I miss having you on our family outings and vacations.

I miss talking to you.

I miss you copying things I say.

I miss watching you play and interact with your sisters.

I miss seeing you play with your new friend down the street.

I miss introducing you to new things, and watching you experiencing them.

I miss telling you how much I love you, and you knowing you are loved.

Oh, Elijah and Ruthie ... how much I do miss you both! 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Are you ready?

Ask, and God will give to you.  Search, and you will find.  Knock, and the door will open for you.  Yes, everyone who asks will receive.  Everyone who searches will find.  And everyone who knocks will  have the door opened.  Matthew 7:7-8
I sat with God this morning.  My favorite place to be, and my favorite way to start my day.  I did have second thoughts before I headed to my "God" chair, for I had so much to do today.  But I knew I needed Him before any of the things I had to do.  It is only Him that can help me get through those things to do today.

I shared with you that I gave up facebook for 40 days, only turn on the computer between 12pm-5pm (mountain time), don't check emails from my phone unless I'm expecting something specific and I'm away from the computer, we don't turn on the TV unless to watch a show we are all into or a movie, and then off it goes.  I only have a week left until the 40 day mark will come to an end.  As I approached this fast, it was because I wanted to hear God so much clearer than I had.  I didn't want to hear all the "voices" I meet on facebook, emails, TV, etc.  I only wanted Him.  So as this fast comes to an end I can only say one thing... I sought, and He answered!

As I approached this fast, I expected to experience God ... but never did I think I would experience Him as much, nor as life changing as I have!  I am so thankful it was on our high-school pastors heart to challenge the kids and that I accepted this challenge, for this fast was just that - life-changing.  So even though these 40 days are almost over, I don't want to go back!  And I don't think I will.  Sure I may look on facebook now and then.  But I enjoy writing on the blog more than posting my status on facebook.  The hours will remain the same for when the computer will be on.  TV will also remain the same and as well as my phone access.  Because to tell you the truth - it's not these things I desire, but Him alone!

Not only have I heard and experienced the voice of God.  But He has done something I never could quite understand ... He has increased my faith.  My boast is in Him alone, and my love for Him just bursts within me!

So now I pass on this challenge for you ... are you ready?  What technology, lifestyle or even food is controlling you and taking you away from the voice of God?  Are you ready?  Give it up for 40 days, and seek Him.  I promise you, you will find Him!

Psalm 103 (Karen's version)
My whole being, all that I am -flesh, mind and spirit praise the Lord.  All that I am praise His holy name.
My whole being, everything you made me to be will praise the Lord and never forget all the kindness you have shown me over and over again.
You have forgiven all my sins and continue to do so.
You have healed me from thoughts of suicide, foot problems twice, gluten sensitivity and other things so numerous to mention.  You have healed Courtney from her stomach issues, Katie from headaches and neck issues related to her concussion and have also ended all her nose bleeds.  You are showing yourself to Lindsay and will heal her from her plantar warts on her feet.  You are a God who heals, because of the abounding love you have for us.
You have saved my life over and lover again, saving me from the enemy and you have filled me to overflowing of your love and mercy.
You have poured good things in my life, where I have found your protection guarding me and your peace all around me.  Your joy brings a spring in my step, making me young.  You are the wind beneath my wings and I soar with you like an eagle.

Lord, you continue to show your mercy and kindness over and over again.  You aren't quick to become angry for your love for your people is so great.
Oh God, I deserve even death for the sins I have done - through action, thoughts, and words I have spoken.  Yet, you have never repaid me for these things, as it would be justified by man.  You not once, have taken one smidgen of love from me because of my crimes.
Your love remains, and is so great the whole earth can't contain it.  Your love continues to shine through to all who respect you.
It is through your love you have removed my sins - as far as the east is to the west, and the west is to the east.  My sins are no more!
Your mercy remains on your children who love and respect you.
You remember how you created each one of us, how you knit us together each to the specifications you have designed.  You remember and you love us.

Oh God, your love remains upon all who love and respect you.  My heart is full of love for you, for it is You that has first loved me.
Your goodness will continue through the generations to come and because you always remain faithful!

Everything you, Lord God have made praise your name!  May the birds sing their love songs to you, the grass rustle it's praise to you.  May the sun, moon and stars shine for your glory alone.  May even the rocks stand in awe of you!  For you God, deserve all the praise!  May my whole being - flesh, emotions, thoughts and spirit sing all praise to you - the One most high and highly to deserve!

Another Care Package

We received word that another family is going over to the orphanage in Liberia where Elijah and Ruthie are, and the family is willing to take packages to the kids.  So of course we scrambled and sent them our love with coloring pages and pens, stickers, tractor and plane (for Elijah) and dolls (for Ruthie), animal cookies, clothes and of course a new picture book with a bunch of messages from their family.

We anxiously await their arrival one of these days. God has restored our hope, and as long as our eyes are fixed on Him we are able to endure. But still we pray...God please let all this "be finished", may Your will be done, hear and feel my heart and help us to keep pressing on. God we love you, trust you and will continue to place our hope in You alone.