Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Liberia Needs Your Prayers

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Father's Day Means to Me...

Duane and I were praying over our Father's today. We expressed our gratitude for blessing us with amazing and wonderful Dads. And then memories flooded my mind...

I remember countless numbers of tickling on the family room floor.

My favorite memories are when my Dad and I would go to the dump and one time I didn't but he thought of me still and brought home a tumbleweed for me to play with. All the other times I did go we stopped off at 7-eleven to get a Slurpee.

I remember going to a police auction and my dad bidding on my baseball mitt that I still have today.

I remember helping my dad hand the Christmas lights. And during the cold, dark night sharing with him my dreams and thoughts.

I remember hiding some stray kittens from him, and after he found out, him throwing his arms in the air as he knew he couldn't say "no" to me.

I remember my dad could do everything.

I remember spending every year going camping and my dad going with me to the Ranger meetings so I could be a junior ranger. I also remember him getting "Racky Raccoon"'s footprint for me. And I remember piling his Thing with camping gear as I sat on it all, until we reached the campground.

I remember thinking my Dad was the best, and still do.

I remember my dad being my biggest fan.

I remember my dad's lasagna and tacos...and thinking there isn't a better chef then him.

I remember hiding in the kitchen closet and scaring him half to death when he got home from work.

I remember coming home and not even reaching our property and hearing rap music blasting from our home.

I remember my dad helping my friends tp my car. And then I remember tp'ing my own home for my dad's birthday.

As I think of my dad this father's day I am reminded of all the special memories my dad and I have shared I can't help but be thankful for him. My dad has touched me, has spoken into my life more than he realizes. But what my dad forgets, what my dad doesn't realize that he has given me the greatest gift. My dad gave me his name, he brought me into his home and called me his and never was I ever thought of differently. My dad had and has that much love for me. My dad is my hero for he rescued me. As my dad is in California and I in Colorado, my thoughts and prayers remain with him today, and I am reminded of how blessed I am.

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you so very much!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Now that our computer is back (after it crashed), we are back...

The month of May in a nutshell....

ACSI choir competition...

When in 5th grade at RCS, that automatically puts you in the ACSI competition. I have now seen this event for the past two years. I thought these kids performance was outstanding! And so did the judges for they received a superior!

Art Museum Field Trip -

Courtney had a field trip to the art museum led by her art teacher. It's never a place that I get excited about going to - especially with two bus loads full of fifth graders, but every time I go I find something new which makes me thankful for going. Courtney wrote a paper on this piece of art (on the left). Unfortunately, you can't get the full effect of this picture because I zoomed in...but the picture is the full length and almost width of the entire wall. You couldn't help but notice this painting.

CHASA Band competition...

Lindsay performed with the band at the CHASA band competition. The band isn't only evaluated on performance but also for first time site reading through a music piece they never saw before (the last performance shown). This was the band director's first year, and you could taste the nervousness in the air. The band received all outstanding marks. Can I say that I wasn't one bit surprised???

Fifth Grade Choir Concert...

And as always when May approaches we are greeted with a Spring Concert, which Courtney was part of. This year the focus was on the story of Daniel. We enjoyed it all, and was astounded to see fire in the sanctuary as Meshach, Shadrach & Abednego were in the blazing furnace.

Junior High & High School Choir & Band concert ...

And being that we have a junior higher & high-schooler, we had a separate Spring Concert for them. We sat proud as always as we listened to the talents of all the kids...but of course took that much more pride when we saw our kids go up on stage, hear them play (and as usual find they are hidden behind stands or players). Lindsay not only played in her symphonic band, but enjoyed playing in the jazz band as well this year. Katie has done quite well with her flute this year, I love hearing her play as she practices at home as well with the other instruments. We are having a problem uploading this particular footage of video, so you won't have the privilege of hearing their performance.

Fifth Grade Service Project...

Each year the 5th grade lead the elementary in a service project. They start by having a penny war, normally bringing in about 4,000 dollars...this year they brought in $6,000. The 5th graders decided to split the amount by helping build a kindergarten room in Israel, helping the medical costs of a kindergartner in our school, who has cancer and then this... the video is long (I shortened it the best I could), but you have got to watch it, I couldn't help but weep and I couldn't help but be surprised to see how God can use a bunch of 5th graders. Their voices were heard very loudly that day...and they continue to be heard today. You must watch!!!!

Lindsay's Piano Recital...

And just before finals week, Lindsay fit a piano recital in. She was so focused on all her tests coming up, and weighed a heaviness in her heart from the loss of her friend that this wasn't the best performance she has done. But no matter what...we are still proud!

Talent Show...

It is a custom that the elementary school has a talent show during the last week of school - to show off the talent of their kids. To my surprise, Courtney performed....oh, how I laughed! This was so her...and then the following song was with all the 5th graders singing the song they performed at the Go Life rally.

Fifth Grade Hike Together...before 6th grade -

It is the 5th graders tradition to finish their year off with a hike. A time to celebrate finishing elementary school and a time of togetherness and encouragement. Duane and I both chose to attend this event. Now our baby is off to middle school!

Soccer Get-Together -

The soccer coach put together a little get-together to recognize the talents her players grew in this season. We had a parent against the players game! Katie was a bit surprised that her dad AND her mom could even kick the ball! We had a great time playing with our daughter and enjoying a part of her world.

Undergraduate Award ceremony -

The very same night as the soccer game, we quickly showered and changed in the school's facilities to attend the undergraduate award ceremony we were invited to. It was announced as a surprise to us all that Lindsay received an outstanding recognition in her music achievement. I am pleased to see all the lessons, time, and costs of all her lessons are starting to pay off!

And the celebration isn't complete without an evening out with her friends.

Last Day of School...

Courtney - We are called to be thankful in all circumstances, and yet there are some circumstances that God makes things so easy to be thankful for. We have had the joy to share our lives with Mrs. Miller for two years now (being that Katie had her too). And for her we are thankful and was blessed. We will miss having her in our lives as the role of 'teacher', but remain proud to call her "friend".

The fifth grade celebrate field day (which is the last day of school) with a kick ball game between the three classes...and the kids get to sit in the dunk tank for the younger kids to try and get them wet.

Katie - she finished 6th grade off so great - all A's a-matter-of-fact. I think back when she began school and I had so much hehesitancy, wondering if she could just survive through the drama, challenges, but mostly the need to stay on top of things and organized. Katie has proved to us how much she is capable of doing, especially with God on her side.

Lindsay - has a close friendship with a foreign exchange student from Korea. These girls in their quietness have become kindred spirits. Lindsay had been working on a quilt for her friend to remind her of their friendship as well as the life here in Colorado. Her friends was surprised, and then Lindsay was pleased to learn that her friend would be back for another year at RCS.

Lindsay has now finished 9th grade, and now is an official sophomore. She finished her year off strong in spite of her emotional challenge of loosing her best-friend. Her biggest lesson this year was learning what giving her best means...not loosing herself in all her academics, but doing the best she can with all that God brings into her life, and not taking any of it for granted. Lindsay chose to finish her 1/2 day of school with her friends.

We had a great school year, and have many reasons to give God thanks. We are thankful for the quietness of summer and this time of rest. The girls already look forward to be back next year, and all the next year brings.