Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Thursday, April 23, 2009

School is Fun!

I don't ever remember school ever being fun. We read everything out of our text books, not fully grasping what is written in them, memorizing facts and taking tests to see what our brain can hold, only for the fact to forget it a week later. I don't have any great memories in school. Perhaps it is just me...but that's my experience.

Now I have the privilege to do school all over again...not once but three times and counting! The end of the school year is quickly approaching and our girls are bombarded with projects. Each of them needing a bit of help. And this is the reason our blog has been quiet. Take a peak of everything we have learned...

Katie's Math, History & English Project...history of and how to calculate the dimensions of a building into a manageable size to reconstruct. Katie decided to learn about Big Ben and make it out of GINGERBREAD!
And then enjoyable for her whole class to eat!

Katie's science fair... Katie and her teammates decided to take three different black markers (permanent marker, dry erase and crayola pen) into four different liquids (Paint thinner, alcohol, vinegar and Sprite) to see which stain would remove/affect the stain better. Their project made the top 6, so they went to Denver to be in the ACSI competition. There they each received a 2nd place ribbon for their project.

Courtney's Science Fair...If science involves cooking, then Courtney will learn it! And that is the avenue she took. She learned the difference between high and low altitude baking due to the thinner air in the elevation. Thanks to some dear friends, they made toll house chocolate chip cookies and shipped them. Courtney made the same recipe and found them to be not as thick as CA cookies. She adjusted the recipe (dry ingredients and added an egg) and found them to be even thinner then the original CO cookies. She adjusted the recipe again (just the dry ingredients) and was able to get the same thickness as the CA cookies. And being that the science fair was on her birthday, all the 5th graders, staff and so much more were able to enjoy in her celebration with chocolate cookies!

Katie - soccer! And being that basketball season is at an end. Now there is soccer.

Coming soon...Concerts and Recitals! (just a little busy these days!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Baby is Eleven!

I remembered having an infant, almost 2 yr old, and a 4 1/2 yr old and thinking I have so much time before me - having three teen-agers is a LONG way down the road. And then here I am today, remember what seemed to be yesterday, and asking myself where has the time gone?

Since Lindsay was born people have said to hold onto each moment for it goes so quickly. I never comprehended how quick "quickly" means...until now. I have enjoyed each moment, and continue to do so.

Courtney enjoyed here quiet celebration and is looking for her true celebration this Friday. Instead of having a party, inviting many girls she has chosen to have a "family party" - so come Friday that is exactly what the Archibalds are going to and celebrate the moment we have with each of them.

Monday, April 6, 2009


The Archibalds have a "secret room" in their house. A room that is shut off from the rest of the house - closed door and closed blinds. A room that stands empty of life. A room that has clothes that aren't worn. A room that has toys that aren't used, books that aren't read, and a bed that isn't slept in. This room is a reminder of the hope of what is to come, but now is too painful to see. This room remains empty.

Emptiness can be so painful. Emptiness can remind us of our hurt. Emptiness is a void in our heart. Emptiness....when can we be full again?
We opened the room last Saturday night. I even started looking at the pictures of Elijah and Ruth once again. We slept in our children's room, had a camp out. We filled that room with prayers and love that night. That room isn't empty anymore! That room is full of the Spirit who is waiting with us, praying with us and hoping with us. That room has life. No, the clothes aren't worn, the toys aren't being played with, the door and blinds still remain closed, the books aren't being read, and the bed isn't being used - but I am reminded as much as we want our children home, it isn't our children that will fill us.

This Sunday we will recognize the tomb which was once filled with Christ's broken body is now empty, for our Savior was raised for the dead! Emptiness shouldn't be a reminder of our pain, hurt or even a void in our heart but rather a reminder of the hope we have that Christ will be coming again. Our emptiness can only be filled by Christ - for us, not even Elijah and Ruthie.

Oh yes, we long to hold our children once again. I would lie to you if I told you I haven't cried over them, or pleaded to God that they could come home. But we remain with the hope and excitement that our God once came to this earth, nailed our sins to the cross with Him, and was buried and then rose from the grave. Our God lives and because He emptiness is NO MORE!!!!