Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Katie!

Tonight we celebrate Katie's birthday. And as true to form since she turned 5, her birthday dinner remained the same...Maccaroni & Cheese (gluten free), Mommy's homemade baked beans, and strawberries. And being that she isn't really that into cake we had our usual birthday brownies...gluten and all! Not a meal that you write home about...but they are all her favorites and something she looks forward to every year. I couldn't help but wonder what she will pick when she turns 30 years old.

As I look at her tonight, I couldn't help but wonder...where did the time go?
Katie celebrated her birthday with her friends this past Friday. We had gluten free maccaroni and cheese, strawberries (for lunch), we found a gluten free pizzaria (for dinner), then we had bacon and eggs for breakfast with gluten free donuts. I even made a gluten free chocolate cake for her birthday. All the kids enjoyed it all and the gluten free didn't make a difference. We went to the rec center and played in the pools...the girls had a lot of fun, much laughter and talked into the wee hours of the morning!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Abba and Me - follow up from yesterday...

I chose to be joyful today. I chose to be joyful with my Abba today as He rejoices that there are families heading to Liberia this coming week to get their children. I stood in worship before we broke into our Bible Study. Ever since I have been in the presence of my Abba yesterday I feel that much closer. Today I wept. I wept because I love Him so much, and I wept in awe of Him. I wept when He again showed me a scene Duane and I both have seen...standing before the congregation, bringing Elijah to be dedicated.

I have been told over and over how adoption brings you that much more in touch with God and His heart. I can understand part of that...but it hasn't truly impacted me quite yet. Until today...

As we wait each day with this heartache, how much more does my Abba ache as He waits for His children to come to Him. I have the priviledge to wait, so I may experience and get to know Abba's heart that much more.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Abba and Me

I started a Beth Moore Bible study at church last week. We are studying the Fruits of the Spirit. Each of Beth's studies gives 5 days of homework, and of course the more you put into the homework, the more you get out of it. What I love about the study is just being in the word, because I love hearing the promises, hope and love God pours out to us.

I was doing my last day of homework today, it was a beautiful lesson titled "Abba, Father". Beth states in the homework "Abba is a term of extreme endearment expressed by a young child to his beloved father, his hero, the one who kisses his scraped knee and dries his fresh tears. Abba would be the word used only for a parent who has familiar, available, trustworthy, and comforting. Literally, it is "Daddy, my Daddy."" And just as we are called to be His child, we are to have such a relationship to be able to call God our Abba. Further in the study and through much scripture I learned how God wants to be a gift-giver. Romans 8:32 says "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all-how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things? (Emphasis is mine) What caught my eyes and ears today is that God wants us to call on Him and ask always. I have the mentality to not ask for all the little things because after all Jesus is the greatest can I ask for more? I closed my lesson today in awe, and once again was humbled by how much more I have to learn about the goodness of God and I prayed. I prayed and confessed how I need to come and ask Him more, to drop my pride and seek my Abba more. I knew God heard my prayer, but didn't expect to be challenged so soon after I closed my Bible.

Today we received an update from our agency. There are so many good things happening. God is moving and working through the agency. And yet my heart is full, and I couldn't help but weep. I didn't want to call Duane, I didn't want to email a friend but today I choose to crawl into my Abba's lap and cry and plea for His help. And this is what I come up with...

My Abba, it is minutes since our last conversation. And with this email it is like you are testing me - asking me "do you really mean what you say, will I come to you with everything and ask?" Oh Abba...yes! I come to you now, I'm crawling into your lap, receiving the comfort, knowing you are crying with me and I receive comfort as you stroke my back. You tell me everything is going to be OK, and somehow I know it will. But I still am sad, still confused, and still impatient. I want so bad to be in your will, and yet there are so many times I wonder if I'm even close. I want my son to be home with us, can you bring him home?

Duane and I have both heard that Elijah is going to be home soon. And I know that soon in your eyes could be even that much more in mine. We have approached your throne and have asked, pleaded and cried for you to bring Elijah home. We've asked that our aching hearts could stop hurting by you bringing our son home. And yet all the things we hear from you, aren't seen in the communication yet from the agency. We are still waiting and still wondering and I'm confused. I don't have doubt that you are God and you are able, but then perhaps I do since I'm still looking for emails throughout the day from our agency. I am suppose to be rejoicing and happy that four orphans who have received clearance are able to come home, and even rejoice with you as you bring four more families together. And yet Abba, I'm sad...even worse...jealous. I'm sorry. I want to be on the next plane headed to Liberia, I want my arms around my son, I want my son home, I want...

Yes Abba, I...I...I. When I need to be saying "You, You, You." It is You that is victorious, not me. It is You that is softening hearts in the Liberian government, it is You that is paving away to bring more children home and it is You that is the father and even mother of Elijah. It is You, Abba, it is You.

I am sorry that I don't have the patience on some days. I am sorry that I allow myself to get so confused when I hear you and then see what man is doing. Help me to remain focused on you, and believe in what you say. Help me to find patience in your word and in your presence. More than anything I need the comfort of my Abba today. I will wait, and I know too that as I wait I will see all you have promised come to be. I am sorry that I have sought man for comfort and still have remained empty of it...I am going to sit with you today, allow your comfort to fill me and give me peace. Please, Abba don't stop stroking my back, and can you wipe some of my tears away so I can clearly see you. Abba, I love you. I love you so much. I feel privileged to be able to call You, the King of Kings, my Abba, and be in your undivided presence.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jesus like Catsup?

I heard a great thing on KLove yesterday and thought it was worth sharing. "Jesus is like catsup...He hides all the yucky things and makes them good." Oh, how true! His blood has covered us, taken away each of our yuckiness and made us new. Thank you Jesus!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to our lives...

I don't know if it is really that apparent or if it is my husband's now new addiction...but he told me I needed to update this blog! I have told him his comments are welcome any time, after all it is the ARCHIBALD'S archives, not Karen's. I will continue to encourage because when he does take the time to write I always enjoy it for I experience wisdom and insight, but until then you are all stuck with me!

We have been praying non-stop for Elijah. We know God is moving things, but we haven't been able to have anything concrete in our hands yet. We are confident he will be home soon. We have received word that it is our agencies goal to have these children home by Christmas, and I appreciate that because it would be hard to go through another Christmas without him, but we are praying non-stop that he'll be home by his birthday. We believe all things are possible with God. But in the midst of all this "when" I believe that God's timing will be perfect and will be revealed to us soon. Until then, please continue to pray with us.

Duane and the girls decided to go out fishing. I decided I was going to have a quiet day at home without having to go anywhere and have some quiet at home to scrap book. Everyone else decided that we needed to have family time and go out together. I can't say that it was the peaceful fishing trip I was imagining. I saw Duane's problem - the girls don't know how to wait out the fish after they cast. They were constantly casting, Duane was constantly putting worms on their hooks, Katie decided to take me for a walk. But in spite of it all I did finish my book!

Lindsay went on a high-school retreat up in the mountains. This is an annual high-school event to bring the kids close together and focus on God's will in their lives. This year during worship God showed up. I have heard how kids broke down, repented and reached out for God. And they heard His call on all their lives that of "purity". Now that they are back at school boys are encouraged to be respectful to the girls and the girls to be kind to the boys. Have I told you lately I am so thankful for Christian Education that backs our parenting up? Lindsay came back on fire, ready to worship and has even more ownership of her school.

Courtney went on her 5th grade leadership retreat, with Duane as a chaperon. They too went into the mountains. Their trip was full of rain...thus mud and mess. But as typical 5th graders it didn't discourage them one bit and they had a blast. As Duane worshipped with these kids he experienced God showing him these kids in the future. It was apparent that God has big plans for these kids.

Duane and I panicked this past weekend...OK, not really! But you'll understand when I tell you Lindsay went to her first school dance! We both decided we weren't ready for this, but we didn't let that stop her. I am sure she had all our "lectures" and "advise" memorized and knew she had our permission to punch any guy that acted inappropriate to her. She went with her friends out to dinner and then to the dance. And just like any high school dance - the girls danced together, and the boys watched!

Katie is off to a sleep over tonight or a sleepless night. We are in the process of planning for her sleep over next Friday for her birthday. Katie is excelling in school and is loving it. She has never shown this passion before, and we are so excited she is experiencing it.

Duane went all out this past weekend for our 16th anniversary and my birthday. I knew he was taking me away but he wouldn't say where. He had everything arranged, and just asked me to arrange for the care of the girls. We drove to Denver, and with luggage in hand we arrived at the Brown's Palace Hotel and I was still wondering where we were going, because we couldn't do something like this! The Brown Palace Hotel was opened in 1892 and has had every president from Teddy Roosevelt staying with them, with the exception of Calvin Coolidge. It was very elaborate of Duane, for it definitely wasn't our traditional way of celebrating. I clarified that this year was so special because we are welcoming a little one, and know that evenings away are going to be far and few between if at all. The highlight of the weekend was when he took me to a gourmet dinner, and the food was just too pretty to eat. We enjoyed, relaxed and celebrated and it is a memory I will treasure forever. Thank you Duane, for making me feel so special and for such a beautiful treat.

Due to some health issues our family was experiencing we are all now gluten free. So the meal at the hotel was even that much more special...for now things are tasting a lot different! I am learning and studying and now having to learn how to cook all over again.

Duane and I are off to our last adoption class tomorrow, and watching another class on the Internet on Sunday. Then we are officially ready in Colorado's eyes to bring an adoptive child into our home. Lindsay is off to Denver on Saturday. She is playing in a big to-do wedding, where the mayor and governor are going to be. The best thing in our eyes she is finally getting paid for her talent! The best thing in her eyes...she gets to eat the food!

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's That Time of the Year....

Even here in Colorado I stake the claim of being a California Girl...a matter-of-fact all the girls in the Archibald clan stake the same claim. We live for the beach! We love the overcast skies and the mist in the salt air as we walk the sand in our bare feet. We love to hike in the mountains with the Redwoods all around us. As I think back on California there were two seasons....winter (full of rain that I so much love and miss) and summer (extremely hot that I don't want to experience anymore). The more rooted I become in Colorado the more I enjoy welcoming all four seasons - all their splendor, beauty and each with their unique colors. I never knew how much I was missing all those years and never a clue. But then there is something I would love to miss out on here, that would put me back in that California sun....FLY SEASON! I can't stand it. Flies come in when you come in, you go to the grocery store and they are there, you go in your car and they are there. What is the deal with fly season? Where do they all come from and why so many at this time of the year? When I think I'm gaining control on patience just put me in fly season and it will give me in a proper perspective! So there you have it...every state has its ups and downs. And yes...I'm thankful still for where we live, flies and all!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You God!

I wasn't going to post...I thought I would wait. And then I realized that it isn't right to put one big post in and cover all the things God has done, but rather recognize all the things He does during the time it is revealed. I serve a big God! I have committed myself to going to our intercessory prayer time on Thursday mornings. What brought me there was Elijah. I was willing to take a couple hours of my week and devote myself to not only praying for Elijah, but also seeking my God even more. I want more of Him, more of His glory but even more of a personal relationship with Him (because the more I get to know Him, the more I want to know Him more). I love my God! So yesterday in our prayer time, I experienced chains broken and mountains removed. I prayed for it in Liberia...and at 9:50am (mountain time) something changed...something moved and only moved because of God!

This morning I sing thanksgivings for we have received Elijah's birth certificate. This is a vital piece of information that we haven't been able to get. This morning it is accessible to see.
Thanks you to everyone who is continuing to pray for this situation. Please join with me in thanking our God for hearing our prayers...and even thanking God for the work He has done and is doing that we haven't even seen. There is going to be a huge meeting on Monday, please continue to pray for these orphans and God's will to be done.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I was looking at our blog today and couldn't help but notice. The day before yesterday marked a year since we have been commited to Elijah. I think back on that day of how we were all so excited, and how we assumed he would be here soon. With so much joy and anticipation we set out to make him his very own bear. And now we are a year later. As I think back through the year of all the pictures, video, footprint and updates we have received of Elijah I see how we have fallen in love with the little boy we see. We continue to wait and wonder...wonder about him and the boy he is, wonder about what God's call is on his life, wonder about when we will actually meet, wonder what that day will be like and sometimes I wonder if I am living a dream or if there really is a little boy on the other side of the world thinking of us as much as we think of him. Today we are still just as excited as that first day of commitment, and hold onto the hope and patience God gives us each day and His promise that "soon he will come.".