Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As I Survey the Wonderful Cross...

You know the story of the cross. Christ was beaten beyond recognition, nailed to the cross, died there. Then was buried, and three days later arose from the grave. He did this for you and for me, so we have have a life with God in heaven - eternal life for all those who choose to believe. If you don't know the story Duane and I would be privileged to share it with you and pray for you.

I know the story. Yet my soul has not been satisfied. I know the answers. I know what the preachers tell us. I know. But yet God is stirring in my soul. The question has been raised a couple of times in my mind: "Karen, what does the cross mean to you? Do you know the power in the cross?" No, I don't! I'm a Christian, and I don't. Shame has held me down.

Also, what does it really mean to "deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me"? The cross represents Christ's crucifixion, am I to be crucified daily?

But I pursue God, trust Him and seek His answer.

We have had such a spiritual battle these past couple of months. Lies, betrayal, hurts, anger, health issues, loneliness, life changing decisions and so much more are just some of the things that have been coming our way. When I have been the weakest, it is those times I am caught off guard and have believed; "I must deserve all this, for the loving God I serve wouldn't do such things." Oh, Satan - you have been revealed, and you are exposed and not allowed to speak such things to me no more!

But I have believed that lie. I have learned that right now, every thought needs to be held captive, and questioned by God's truth. If it doesn't hold's from the enemy and I caste it out. He can not have a hold on me anymore. I learned in my study yesterday that "My truth + God's truth = FREEDOM" and that is just where I am heading to today. Thank you God for always being faithful!

But what does that cross mean to me today? It is where I can nail all these lies I have believed, all the wounds that have come my way that have caused me not to trust or believe, all the emotional turmoil and all the thoughts can be. I choose to not pick them up anymore. I am yelling to God that He IS enough. I am daily laying all my stuff down, and choosing for Him to take the lead in my life and live the life as He sees fit - obeying Him, and doing His word. I feel so much lighter!

So when I sing the words to the song "When I Survey the Wonderful Cross"...I'm doing just that. Soaking in His goodness, His faithfulness, His strength, His love and laying everything of mine down, so He may live through me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

T-shirts For Sale!

I wish I could share everything we have endured! So many trials, so many lies, so many "yuckies!" But what I can share with you is GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!! God has remained faithful and true, and all those things that were under cover in darkness are being exposed in HIS light, and can not have any hold on us anymore!

With that said, we are going full force and "stepping out" as God has told us to do. We have to raise 20,000 dollars in a matter of a few weeks. Approximately 15,000 will go toward the airfare, lodging, traveling, food for the five of us to go to Liberia and stay there for two weeks. We are trying to raise 3,000-4,000 for a car for Addy's Hope orphanage. The orphanage has been out of a vehicle since this summer. That seems like a mild and unnecessary problem, but it is making it difficult for the workers to get the supplies needed, and getting children to the clinic when the need arises, and keeping the workers away from the fight for the orphans to be released. We are also trying to raise funds (2,000-3,000) to feed these children, and even go out to the "bush" and see what we can provide there. We are READY to go, and be God's hands and feet.

Lindsay and I have met with our art teachers, brainstormed, sought God and came up with a design fitting for our trip and to bring some awareness of the need not only in Liberia, but in the continent of Africa. This is the design Lindsay came up with and our new t-shirts...

These forest green t-shirts are selling for $20.00 each...only 1,000 needed to sell to pay for the full trip. Those of you not near us and desire a t-shirt, you can have one too with shipping and handling. Please email us at to place your order! If you would like to simply contribute to our trip please write your checks payable to Addy's Hope, and put Archibald Mission Trip in the Memo and send them to...

Addy's Hope Adoption and Child Relief Ministry

1908 W. Wall Suite D

Midland, TX 79701

Thank you for your full support!!!!