Archibald Family

Archibald Family

Monday, January 10, 2011


We know our daughter, Lindsay's, talent.  We've seen it all along...I even felt it in my womb.  There are those times when others take notice, which confirms what we have seen all along - and it is those moments our buttons burst! 

We received some exciting news this weekend.  So exciting that our shirts are button less.  News that makes all the lessons, time driving to and from, our financial investment all worth while....

Lindsay as been accepted into
Colorado's All State Band. 

She is one out of one hundred and nine students who have been selected, representing one out of forty-eight schools.  She is also the first all-state musician in Mead High's school history.

Yep...we are very proud! 

Way, to go Lindsay.  This is just the beginning of much more to come!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Christmas behind us...

Our oldest counts the days down until Christmas, starting the day after Christmas and listens to Christmas music through out the year.  Odd...perhaps, but I confess I remember doing the same thing when I was a teenager. 

Christmas is an event we hold dear to our hearts.  It's not about the fun of presents, but I think it is safe to say that we all look forward to seeing what is wrapped under the tree.  We look forward to my parents visit, as we don't get to see them enough.  We look forward to extra family time together.  But most of all, we look to take something new about Jesus away with us.  Christmas is full of anticipation.

This year, being the timing of Christmas and New Years and the trees we had up were so dead, we needed to take the decorations down earlier than normal.  I've felt shorted - even though my house is clear and clean.  But one thing I have noticed is that I haven't put my Christmas music away yet.  I'm still listening, still celebrating and still worshipping the greatest gift ever given.  I also notice our blog remains in the Christmas attire. 

My heart is too moved this year with the celebration of my Emmanuel.  I'm not ready to put those last few things away.  So perhaps I'm going back to my teenage years, or letting my oldest lead me ... I may just be listening to the sound of Christmas all year round. 

And just in case you are wondering ...

there are 351 days until Christmas! 

The girls with Nana and awesome time we all had!

Duane opening his present from all his girls.  A Hawaiian style Dodgers shirt, with baseball buttons!

Our little chef, equipped with a dog apron and a dog treat recipe book.  Judah is so happy!

Katie surprised and happy to see her Uggs that Nana got for her. (We haven't seen her feet since!)

Lindsay with her new coat she never thought she'd find.

For Christmas this year, we took my parents to the mountain for a sleigh ride.  It was a beautiful day!

It didn't take long before my mom was in the driver's seat!

And a sleigh ride equipped with roasting marshmallows and hot chocolate!  It can't get any better!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jesus 90 Days with the One and Only

My quiet times are just that quiet and mine.  I share with you somethings that God reveals during these times, but for the most time I keep these times to myself.

I am in a woman's Bible study at our church, and during the crazy Christmas season we usually take a month long break...closer to a month and a half this year.  We also take a break during the summer months.  I understand these breaks, as it is hard to commit when family vacations, traditions, visitors and the holiday themselves interrupt.  However, I don't like taking a break.  But this year was different ...

This year I decided it wasn't up for our church to feed me, perhaps.  But they aren't to spoon feed me at all.  I was hungry for more...who said that it had to be through someone or something else?  So I pulled a book off the shelf that I have been looking for the right time to do and pulled it into my quiet time.

I highly encourage Jesus 90 Days with the One and Only.  Perhaps it even helps that our sermon series for the past few months has been on Jesus and this just intensifies what I am reading, or that the timing of  when I picked up this book was during Advent when we focused on the Baby born in the manger, which is where the devotions begin.  Beth Moore is the author.  And I know that she speaks so well to us women, but this book I recommend for you men too.  Don't have time?  It has taken me 15-20 minutes each morning...and it is the best part of my day!

Two days ago, I was reading my devotion and seeing the answers to her questions I had written.  That day was focused on Luke 5:1-11.  Beth had a different take on this passage then I have heard in past.  One of the questions she posed was "Think about the subtle differences between working "for" Jesus and working "with" Him.  What does working "with" Jesus look like in real life?

Hmmm, it got me thinking and questioning what I do and when I do them.  Do I do them "for" Him or "with" Him?  Beth's points were
  1. Christ knows more about our jobs than we do.
  2. Christ honors our submission even when our only motivation is obedience.
  3. The same job subjected to Christ's authority can yield entirely different results.
  4. Christ's willingness to empower us can overwhelm us.
Maybe it is because it is a New Year.  I don't think about resolutions, but anticipate what is going to come in the New Year.  And God has shown me there are some things that needed to be changed back in our home to bring peace. 

Yesterday the girls went back to school.  I went back to making the girls their breakfasts and lunches.  I also went back to praying over them at the breakfast table.  And let's not forget...the first day back of home schooling Courtney.  I also longed to keep my quiet times, as I feel so much stronger with them. 

Before my foot hit the floor, I prayed that Jesus would be "with" me, and we could get the responsibilities of the household done together.  And do you know what I experienced? 

My girls starting their days with a calmness they haven't experienced in quite some time. 

A unity that brought everyone together.

A hunger to continue to read the Bible in my quiet time, even though the clock kept ticking away reminding me that there was a lot to do.

I found more time in the day than I ever had before.

I found a new appreciation as the girls have for me as I brought our old ways back.

I have found peace. 

The girls felt encouraged and loved.

So I encourage you today...are you allowing Jesus to work "with" you, or are you simply working "for" Him?  The load is much lighter with His help.  And the amazing thing of it all is...He can do it all by Himself, but chooses for us to take the journey with Him!

And today ... I get to share with you, because my day's responsibilities have been done.  Thank you Jesus, lets do this again tomorrow!